Soccer Team Stats Tracker for Excel

Soccer Team Stats TrackerSoccer Team Stats Tracker is an excel spreadsheet to record, track and analyze the performance of your team in their played matches. It is a very useful tool for any soccer coaches or soccer training owners to evaluate their students if you don’t have any specific tools yet. Others than that, if you are sport writers/reporters or just soccer fans, you can use this spreadsheet to analyze your favorite soccer team match by match. You can do that by copying match statistics records that you can find easily in many internet sites into this spreadsheet.

You can use it to :

  • Analyze performance of your team against specific opponents. If you are following a Euro 2016 soccer tournament event, you can input France previous matches against Romania, Switzerland and Albania in Euro 2016 group matches. Once you inputted respective match stats, you can see its head-to-head record and should easily predict the possible outcome based on head-to-head summary.
  • Analyze performance of your team on all of their matches. For example, you can input Real Madrid or Barcelona match statistics in Liga BBVA and Champions League and see it in respective summaries. And you can see which players who played well and who doesn’t as well.

With this spreadsheet, you can have your own record to be keep in your computer and open it every time you want to analyze your team’s next match. To make it clear, it is a one team vs many teams stats tracker. All summaries and analysis will be averaged against all of its opponents. If you need to analyze more than one team, you should record the data in another spreadsheet.

To use it, you have to understand match log entry format. If you are familiar with published soccer stats from, or others, you should use this match log without problems. This match log is prepared to collect common data of respective matches.

It is created without Macros where you can use it in Microsoft Excel in both Windows and Mac Operating System. You can download and test the lite version. It is limited to 25 players and 15 matches. You can read a short guide on how to use it inside the spreadsheet.

>> Excelindo Soccer Team Stats Tracker Lite

If you have tried the lite version and want to expand it to accommodate until 100 players and 100 matches and want to have a full control over this spreadsheet, where you can add and process more team and player’s parameters, you can purchase the Pro version which is fully unlocked.

Excelindo Soccer Team Stats Tracker Pro

Single User License – Fully Unlocked

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≡ Team Stats Summary Dashboard
This worksheet will visualize important parameters your team performance in chart style. You can read parameter summaries as follows :
– Win-Draw-Lose Record
– Possession Chart
– Shooting Accuracy Chart
– Top Scorer
– Top Performer (Based on rating average)
– Goal Distribution Chart (scored vs against, time distribution and goal type)
– Most used Formation with its Win-Draw-Lose stats
– Total and average of Assists, corner kicks, offsides, fouls, yellow and red cards, saves
– Winning Stats under Certain Condition

  • when scores first goal
  • when opponent scores first goal
  • when trailed in first half
  • when lead in first half
  • when possession > 50%
  • when possesion < 50%

≡ Player Rating Table
This worksheet will show you rating of each player match by match

≡ Player Win-Lose Stats
This worksheet will show you team match results by player names

≡ Player Summary and Individual Stats
This worksheet will show you stats of all and particular players in all matches which he played. Current available stats are :
– His playing minutes
– Goal
– Assist
– Yellow card
– Red card
– Saves

≡ Custom Team Fixtures and Player List
You can add until 100 opponents name (similar or different opponents), and 100 player names.

≡ Custom Match Codes
You can customize current code to suit your own codes or add more codes to represent other important parameters that you want to evaluate.

View of Setup Worksheet

Soccer Stats Tracker - Team Dashboard

View of Match Statistic Log

Soccer Stats - Match Stats

View of Player’s Summary – All Summary

Soccer Stats - Player Stats

View of Player’s Summary – Rating

Soccer Stats - Player Rating

View of Setup Worksheet

Soccer Stats - Setup

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel 2008 running on Mac environment.

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