Sales Pipeline Management for Excel

Sales Pipeline Tracker for ExcelA sales pipeline is a sales process which based on a systematic approach. It is created to ease a sales director/manager to track the progress of their company’s leads from the beginning until the end. Companies who implemented this type of method, usually already have their pipeline steps to be followed by their sales. Every sales director/manager in those companies will monitor day by day and take necessary actions within each process to make sure the sales opportunities can be converted into real sales.

Sales Pipeline Management spreadsheet is a sales task list and pipeline tracker tool created in Microsoft Excel to help any Sales or Project Manager to track the progress of their sales prospects within a single Excel spreadsheet.

With this ready-to-use tool, you won’t miss any opportunities which should be converted into your company sales. Any success and failures will be recorded to be analyzed by your sales and marketing team to develop new strategies to improve its results.

This tool is created with 3 basic steps on organizing and monitoring company’s sales
1. RECEIVE inquiries/leads
Organizing all receiving inquiries/leads in one worksheet. All receiving inquiries will be treated as prospects or the initial stage of sales pipeline.
2. ASSIGN sales to process
Organizing all sales assignment in one worksheet. You must select a right sales person to handle a prospected client.
3. MONITOR the progress
Monitoring all pipeline progress, one employee – one worksheet. You can see and analyze your sales every day and when it seems you are going to lose a client, you can take a decision right away, either you assign other sales or you handle it by yourself. There are maximum 10 customized pipeline stages you can define.

And there are summary worksheets and funnel/pipeline chart that can help you to evaluate your company performance, especially your sales employees performance.

If you are looking for an excel spreadsheet to organize all of this sales-client prospects progress and monitor them in daily bases, this Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet should be suitable for :
– A Sales Manager who manages plenty of sales persons
– A Project Manager who manages plenty of clients
– Sales staffs who want to organize their leads

With this tool, you can focus more on processing sales prospects since all administration job can be done easily by typing their sales stage results in correct places.

You can try the lite version below. It can accommodate 10 sales person and 100 clients. Worksheets are protected with password.

>> Excelindo Sales Pipeline Management Lite

You might want to customize it to meet your company’s specific requirement. You can purchase the Pro version that can accommodate until 100 sales person and 1500 clients and will give you freedom to fully customize it.

Excelindo Sales Pipeline Management Pro

Multi User License – Fully Unlocked

US$ 19.99 | Buy Now | Add to Cart

≡ Sales Stages Customization
You can customize sales pipeline stages until 10 stages.

≡ One Worksheet Sales and Client Assignment
You can record client’s inquiries and manage their assignment in one single worksheet

≡ Sales Activity Tracker
You can view any progress or follow up tasks every day or at any dates that you want to see.

≡ Client Summary
You can monitor all of your client’s progresses in one worksheet. You can evaluate your sales person or sales team performance monthly and yearly.

≡ Funnel Dashboard
You can view a quick summary of sales result in funnel chart style.

≡ Fully Unlocked
You can modify all worksheet layouts and excel functions without any limitation.

View of Excelindo Sales Pipeline Tracker Pro template – Setup Worksheet

Sales Pipeline - Setup

View of Excelindo Sales Pipeline Tracker Pro template – Client Worksheet

Sales Pipeline - Client

View of Excelindo Sales Pipeline Tracker Pro template – Sales Activity Worksheet

Sales Pipeline - Sales Activity

View of Excelindo Sales Pipeline Tracker Pro template – Individual Sales Summary Worksheet

Sales Pipeline - Summary Individual Sales

View of Excelindo Sales Pipeline Tracker Pro template – Client Summary Worksheet

Sales Pipeline - Summary All Clients

View of Excelindo Sales Pipeline Tracker Pro template – Dashboard Worksheet

Sales Pipeline - Chart

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows and Mac environment.

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