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Excelindo Shift Schedule Planner for Excel

Do you have some difficulties on planning your employee’s shift? Do you need a simple tool in Microsoft Excel to help you arrange and manage your employee’s shift schedule? If the answer is yes, you might consider this Excelindo Employee Shift Schedule Generator for Excel. It is a shift schedule template created using Microsoft Excel, without Macros, that you can open and use it in Windows, Apple/Macintosh or even Google Spreadsheet environment without any problems. And with Excel platform, you can easily create a report, or integrate it into your other Microsoft Documents easily.

Using this software will cut your shift scheduling arrangement from hours to minutes. And with more than 40 Pre-Designed widely used shift plan, you can choose and apply it within minutes. There is also a template to create your own shift pattern that might suited your company shift schedule more.

24/7 Plan
Almost all shift schedules are designed to cover companies or industries that implement 24/7 working days, where it is difficult for one employee to work in this type of schedule. Shifts can be divided into 1, 2, or 3 time period where at least it needs 2 groups to cover the whole working days. Several famous plan you can find and select in this spreadsheet are :
> Four On Four Off
> Pitman
> Five and Two
> Dupont
> Panama
> Metropolitan
> Continental

Non 24/7 Plan
Arranging shift schedules for companies that are not implement 24/7 working days is easier, because employees at least will have one day off. The challenge is only on managing the working hours of all employees. There are a complete list of Non 24/7 plan in Features section. And if you can’t find the suitable one, just use the custom feature to create your own shift plan.

There is the Lite edition you can try before deciding to buy a pro version. You will get one year free updates. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. Start using the lite version to evaluate and objectively assess all available features to generate your shift scheduling tasks.

>> Excelindo Shift Schedule Generator Lite

Below is a feature comparison table between Lite and Pro version.

PriceFreeUSD 24.99
LicenseSingle UserMulti User
Maximum Employees24210
Maximum Groups46
Maximum Employees per Group635
Maximum Shifts44
Pre-Designed Shift Plan2246
Custom Shift PlanYesYes
Shift Time ViewYesYes
Shift Group ViewYesYes
Shift Time ColorizationYesYes
Shift Group ColorizationYesYes
Maximum Generated Schedule4 Weeks52 Weeks
Shift Schedule Display Period1, 2, 4 Weeks1 - 5 Weeks
Working Hour Calculation4 Weeks52 Weeks
Layout CustomizationNoYes


Excelindo Employee Shift Schedule Generator Pro
Multi User License – 210 employees
(shown worksheets can be unlocked without password)

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≡ 46 Pre-Designed Shift Plan
With this 46 Pre-Designed Shift Plan, you can directly select the plan that suit your business nature and map your employees based on your choice. You can try several plan before deciding the best one which suit your company’s need. You can see the list of that 46 shift plans below.

NoCommon NameWorking Hour/DayPattern# of Teams/Shifts
12 Team 5 On 5 Off24/55 On 5 Off2/1
22 Team 6 On 6 Off24/66 On 6 Off2/1
32 Team 7 On 7 Off24/77 On 7 Off2/1
42 Team 5-Day Shifting24/51 On 1 Off2/1
52 Team 6-Day Shifting24/61 On 1 Off2/1
62 Team 7-Day Shifting24/71 On 1 Off2/1
73 Team 5 On 10 Off24/55 On 10 Off3/1
83 Team 6 On 12 Off24/66 On 12 Off3/1
93 Team 7 On 14 Off24/77 On 14 Off3/1
103 Team 5-Day Shifting24/51 On 2 Off3/1
113 Team 6-Day Shifting24/61 On 2 Off3/1
123 Team 7-Day Shifting Model 1 (24/48)24/71 On 2 Off3/1
133 Team 7-Day Shifting Model 224/71 On 1/4 Off3/1
143 Team 7-Day Shifting Model 3 (Kelly)24/71 On 1/4 Off3/1
153 Team 7-Day Shifting Model 4 (48/96)24/72 On 4 Off3/1
16Early and Late 5 On No Rotation10/55 On2/2
17Early and Late 5 On Week Shifting10/55 On2/2
18Early and Late 5 On 2 Week Shifting10/55 On2/2
19Early and Late 6 On No Rotation10/66 On2/2
20Early and Late 6 On Week Shifting10/66 On2/2
21Early and Late 6 On 2 Week Shifting10/66 On2/2
22DNO24/72 On 1 Off3/2
23DDNNOO24/74 On 2 Off3/2
24Four On Four Off - Fixed24/74 On 4 Off4/2
25Four On Four Off - Rotating24/74 On 4 Off4/2
2612 Day24/76 On 6 Off4/2
27Pitman24/72/3 On 2/3 Off4/2
28Five n Two24/73/2 On 3/2 Off4/2
29Extended 1224/714 On 7 Off3/2
30DuPont24/73/4 On 1/3/7 Off4/2
312-2 3-2 2-324/72/3 On 2/3 Off4/2
32Panama24/72/3 On 2/3 Off4/2
333 Team Fixed Shift24/55 On3/3
343 Team Fixed Shift24/66 On3/3
353 Team Rotating Shift24/55 On3/3
363 Team Rotating Shift24/66 On3/3
3721 hour day24/73 On 1 Off4/3
38Metropolitan24/76 On 1 Off4/3
396 On 2 Off24/76 On 2 Off4/3
40Continental24/77 On 2/3 Off4/3
414 Team Rotating Shift24/77 On 2/3 Off4/3
424-2 4-3 4-324/74 On 2/3 Off5/3
435-3 5-4 5-324/75 On 3/4 Off5/3
446-4 6-4 6-424/76 On 4 Off5/3
454-324/74 On 3 Off5/3
4628-hour day24/62 On 1 Off6/4

≡ Custom Shift Plan
If you can’t find the suitable Pre-Designed shift plan, you can create your own custom shift plan. It is as easy as typing all required parameters and set your pattern in related shift plan table.

≡ Shift Schedule in Custom Time and Group View
You can personalize generated shift schedule before you print and share it to your employees. Schedule will be generated for 52 weeks period. You can choose to use time or group view or you can use both. You can set the schedule to be seen or printed in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks.

≡ Automatic Working Hour Calculation
This feature will allow you to see the amount of working hour of all your employees for 52 week period.

View of Excelindo Employee Shift Schedule Generator Pro template – List of Shift Plans
Employee Shift Schedule Maker for Excel

This software requires Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013 running on Microsoft Windows environment. It should work on Apple/Mac environment but you’d better test it first.

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