Employee Database Manager for Excel

Employee Database Manager ProIf you are a Human Resources Manager or an employee who is responsible for managing your company’s employee database, you might think about having those data recorded in a Microsoft Excel file where you can see it easily with Microsoft Excel program or transferred among other Microsoft Office processor, like Word and Powerpoint.

The main question that usually arises is what kind of data format that should be used. Do I have to create a table and start typing the data? Or do I have to assign one worksheet to one employee? And how to process the data into a useful chart and summary report?

This Employee Database Manager should answer your questions. It is created with a simple approach to ease you on developing it to meet your company’s specific needs. The approach is to assign one worksheet to one employee and to set all employee information to be filled in one single column only. It will make the data mapping of each employees to a single database table easier where one filled column will be transposed into one row. And with specific period are separated in those filled columns, it will ease you to group any information on specific period, like year.

As the conclusion, this Employee Database Manager will be suitable for you who
– are looking a simple and easy to use database format in excel and do not want to start from the scratch
– want to start to move information in printed documents to an excel file
– have some excel knowledge limitation
– want to gather all information in single excel spreadsheet

You can insert image in Employee Data Form worksheet, but you have to set the size as minimum as possible, because if you manage hundreds of employee, you will make your excel filesize very big if you don’t keep its image size small.

The lite version will allow you to see how it works by managing maximum of 15 employees. The Pro version is fully unlocked and it will allow you to do any kind of customization. There are 150 and 250 employees version. The formula is prepared to handle until 500 employees but you need to make sure that your computer processor can handle the calculation process.

>> Excelindo Employee Database Manager Lite

Excelindo Employee Database Manager Pro

Multi User License – Fully Unlocked

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Ξ Custom Category Names and Titles

You can set specific names and titles to be shown in each employee data form.

Ξ All and Individual Summary

You can see summary of your employees by specific category (division, department, salary, leaves etc) in specific year. And there are Top Panel in Individual Summary worksheet to help you on seeing recent hired/resigned employees as well as monitoring employee’s expiring contracts.

Ξ Simple Employee Database

All employee information are grouped in a single database table where can utilize for many other purposes.

Ξ Human Resources Dashboard

You will get a customize dashboard where you can modify easily. It will show current and seven year summary in chart visualization. In this chart you will see :

Seven Year Visualization

  • Salary Budget vs Realization
  • Number of Employees Target vs Realization
  • Hired vs Resigned Employees

Current Year Visualization

  • Salary distribution
  • Employee distribution
  • Employment Status

Ξ Fully Unlocked

You can customize anything in this spreadsheet to

  • record more important information of your employees
  • create more specific reports
  • create more specific charts

View of Excelindo Employee Database Manager Pro template – Setup Worksheet

Employee Database Manager - Setup

View of Excelindo Employee Database Manager Pro template – Employee Data Form Worksheet

Employee Database Manager - Employee Data Entry Form 1

View of Excelindo Employee Database Manager Pro template – All Employees Summary Worksheet

Employee Database Manager - All Summary

View of Employee Database Manager Pro template – Individual Employee Summary Worksheet

Employee Database Manager - Individual Summary

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows and Mac environment.

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