Car Fleet Management for Excel

Car Fleet Management Pro Spreadsheet for ExcelIf you are a fleet manager who has to manage operation and maintenance of your cars in your company and you are looking for a ready made excel spreadsheet for that purposes, you can use this Car Fleet Management spreadsheet. It is created with simple-to-use approach, fit with different Excel for Windows/Mac version and it will give you ready made features to :

1. Managing Trip
You can track your company’s car trip and assign available car for planned trip easily

2. Scheduling Maintenance and Services
You can put your car planned services as stated in their service books and monitor which car that must be prepared for it. You can set its budget as well where you can see how much expenses that have to be prepared.

3. Managing Business Mileage Report
This report will be needed if you want to claim your tax deduction based on your car’s business trips. Because it is created using Microsoft Excel, you can modify respective worksheet or add new worksheet to create your official company mileage report.

4. Evaluating Fuel Efficiency
Fuel efficiency is depends on type of car, trip situation and driving behavior. For example, you might assign a more fuel-efficient car for more crowded trip traffic or you might send your driver to get some training on driving your company’s car to save more fuel.

5. Monitoring Expenses
You might find that some cars are getting unplanned services more often because of bad car conditions, for example if the cars are rented, or because of reckless drivers where you have to decide either to ask for car changing or give those drivers some training.

This Excel Spreadsheet is not a sophisticated one where it offers you more flexibility to develop your own company’s and car performance report based on your specific needs. For example, you can develop it into a spreadsheet that can :

Evaluate Driver Performance
You can add other columns, like hours to calculate how many hours your driver drives your cars. Combine with number of accidents, fine tickets, other expenses and fuel consumption, it will give you data to evaluate the performance of your drivers where you can give them rewards and penalties based on their performance

Map Fuel Consumption Chart
You can create other type of fuel consumption chart and link it to driver or other technical information which could lead you to conclude the fuel efficiency or your cars.

Show Fleet Financial Table and Chart
You can create other table and chart for financial purposes. You can group budget and expenses of your cars into one table and visualize it using chart to compare between allocated budget and real expenses to plan a new budget for the following year.

Compare Rent vs Owned Car Financial Expenses
You can add depreciation calculation for your owned cars and compare all financial calculation with rental cars. You can use it to find the most economic decision to provide car transportation in your company.

The Pro version is fully unlocked and it should ease you develop it freely. And it is a perfect fit if you are looking a simple solution which can be used with Windows or Mac where all data can be exchanged among Excel, Word and Powerpoint files.

>> Excelindo Car Fleet Management Lite with Data Samples

>> Excelindo Car Fleet Management Lite

If you have tried the lite version and want to expand it to accommodate until 150 cars, you can purchase the Pro version below. It is also fully unlocked where you can do any customization.

Excelindo Car Fleet Management Pro
Multi User License – Fully Unlocked

US$ 20.99 | Buy Now | Add to Cart

Ξ Custom Mileage Report

You can select specific car and create mileage report for tax deduction based on specific time period.

Ξ Custom Category

There are 15 available rows to categorizes any daily activities of your car.

Ξ Availability Summary

You can check the availability of your car to assign to any employees who request for transportation every day.

Ξ General Service Monitor

You can monitor the car that has to get a planned general service.

Ξ Fuel Efficiency Report

You can get monthly fuel efficiency report on specific car.

Ξ Top/Bottom 5 Dashboard

You can get your top/bottom 5 cars based on category :

  • Top Service Expenses Spender
  • Top All Expenses Spender
  • Most Fuel-Efficient Cars
  • Worst Fuel-Efficient Cars
  • Longest Distance
  • Top Unplanned Service
  • Most Accidents
  • Most Fines

Ξ Fully Unlocked

You can customize anything in this spreadsheet to

  • record more important information
  • create more specific reports
  • create more specific charts

View of Excelindo Car Fleet Management Pro template – Setup Worksheet

Car Fleet Management - Setup Worksheet

View of Excelindo Car Fleet Management Pro template – Log Worksheet

Car Fleet Management - Log Worksheet

View of Excelindo Car Fleet Management Pro template – Mileage Report Worksheet

Car Fleet Management - Mileage Report

View of Excelindo Car Fleet Management Pro template – Individual Car Summary Worksheet

Car Fleet Management - Individual Report

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows and Mac environment.

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