Inventory Manager for Trading/Retail Business

Inventory Manager for Trading/Retail Business spreadsheet is a simple excel spreadsheet to manage your company’s inventory in multiple warehouses. Worksheets and tables have been equipped with excel formulas to ease you monitoring and tracking your inventory. Those formulas will pull and calculate respective data to respective table and give you latest balance of particular item. By seeing those calculated data, you can arrange new purchase or new transfer to warehouses that have particular item below Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Inventory Manager for Trading/Retail Business Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet should help any warehouse or inventory managers and staffs to cut manual calculation process on monitoring their inventory. Since it uses Excel, they won’t have any difficulties on combining their data or move to other Microsoft platform for report purposes. Nowadays, most of companies are using Microsoft Excel to manage their daily tasks.

There are only two steps to start using it :

  1. Define warehouses. It doesn’t have to be real warehouses. If you are operating small chain of gadget stores, any stores are warehouses. You can set store 1 or main store as warehouse 1, store 2 as warehouse 2, etc. There are 20 warehouses can be allocated in this spreadsheet.
  2. Define inventory item, initial and minimum order quantity.

After you completed above steps, you can start tracking and monitoring your inventory by updating :

  1. Purchase Transaction. Record any purchases. Particular item will increase automatically.
  2. Sales Transaction. Record your daily sales. Particular item will reduce automatically.
  3. Transfer Order. Record inventory movement between warehouses. Particular item in particular warehouses will be increase/reduce automatically.

You can see inventory movement in warehouse summary worksheet to see all item in all warehouses or in particular warehouse worksheet. There are MOQ markers that should help you identify which warehouses have less item than MOQ.

This is a simple inventory spreadsheet. It gives you opportunities to develop it to suit your own needs. You can add more worksheets, tables or create chart to help you visualize your warehouse report. You can contact us if you need to develop it with specific requirement.

Inventory Manager for Trading/Retail Business Features

1. 20 Separate Warehouse Worksheets

Inventory Manager - 20 Warehouses

You can manage inventory up to 20 warehouses in separate worksheets with already equipped with excel formulas to calculate particular warehouse balance automatically

2. 300 lines of inventory item (expandable)

Inventory Manager - Item Lines

There are up to 300 inventory item rows that can be filled. It is expandable.

3. 1000 lines of Purchase, Sales and Transfer Orders and Transactions (Expandable)

There are up to 1000 lines of purchase, sales and transfer orders and transactions that will be calculated in inventory balance

4. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Conditional Formatting Formula

There are conditional formatting formula in each Warehouse Worksheets to mark any inventory item numbers that fall below specified MOQ

5. Warehouse Inventory Item Summary

Inventory Manager - Warehouse 1 Stock Report

Inventory Manager - Warehouse Summary

There is one worksheet to see balance of all inventory item in all warehouses

6. All shown worksheets are unlocked to fully tweaking the formula and customizing its layout

You can put your company logo, name, adjust columns and rows, add more worksheets for your specific needs, or tweak formulas, add charts, create dashboards, etc (you need excel knowledge to do this)

7. Compatibility across Excel version and Operating System

You can use this spreadsheet with Excel 2010 for Windows and above and Excel 2008 for Mac and above without having incompatibility issues

8. Multi User License (within one Company)

Any employees are allowed to use this spreadsheet as long as they are working within one company

9. One time payment only

You can use it every year without additional cost


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel 2008 and above for Mac

Free Version

There is a free version with limited features you can try to see how this spreadsheet works.
> Inventory Manager for Trading/Retail Business Lite

Custom Development

You may need additional features that are not available in this accounting system spreadsheet. We can customize this spreadsheet based on your requests. Email us for further discussion. Our rate is USD 25 per hour.


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