Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to purchase your products?
A: You can follow purchasing flow chart shown below respective product pages.

Q: Is the transaction is safe?
A: We are partnering with Paypal to guarantee its safety.

Q: Do we have to open Paypal account for purchasing particular products?
A: No, you don’t need to open the Paypal account.

Q: Didn’t receive any emails after successful transaction.
A: Check your spam folder. Sometimes your email security system treat it as a spam email and keep it in spam folder.

Q: Couldn’t download the file.
A: Change your browser or try to download from different computers/laptops. Your computers/laptops security system could block it.

Q: Couldn’t download the file. Link has expired.
A: Email us to get it reactivated.

Q: Couldn’t download the file. Link has expired again.
A: Email us to get the file using dropbox.

Q: Couldn’t open the file.
A: The file is zipped. You need a ZIP extractor to extract it to open the file.

Q: Couldn’t open the file
A: The file is require a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows and 2008 for Mac to open .xlsx extension.

Q: Couldn’t open the file. The file is corrupted.
A: Open Microsoft Excel file and then open the file by selecting it from Open File menu.

Q: Couldn’t move between worksheets. Found “can’t find specified file” error message
A: Some windows security system apply certain treatment when opening a file downloaded from internet. Sometimes they will ask you to enable the file in order to use them or ask you to save as another file or save the file as another name (commonly add “Copy of” in front of the original filename) to start using the file. When the filename is changed or when you saved the file as another name, make sure that you replace the filename in setup worksheet. It must be replaced correctly or you will get “Cannot open the specified file” error message while moving to 2nd worksheet onward. To replace it correctly, type your new filename with its .xlsx extension included in filename field in setup worksheet. You might type it as “your new filename” in excel saving window, but in filename field in setup worksheet, you must type “your new filename.xlsx”. And check for upper/lower cases, extra spaces and missing dots since it is case sensitive (“Your new filename.xlsx” is not the same with “your new filename.xlsx”, since the first “Y” letter in the first sentence is in upper case).

Q: Found “Cannot open the specified file” message while clicking certain link.
A: Incorrect filename replacement in setup worksheet. Read answer on previous question.

Q: Found “The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected”
A: Cells are protected for reasons and sometimes there are formulas written on those protected cells. Depends on your protection level, you can unprotect it by going to Review tab menu > Unprotect sheet.

Q: The updating process is taking a long time.
A: Depends on your computer specification, some inputs may require longer time to process. Try to close other excel files to quicken the process. Also, you can updating your data without waiting the process to be completed. Excel will automatically process all inputs together when you finish typing all inputs.

Q: Couldn’t add new worksheet.
A: Workbooks are protected for reasons and sometimes there are formulas written on those protected cells. Depends on your protection level, you can unprotect it by going to Review tab menu > Unprotect Workbook.

Q: Couldn’t see worksheet tabs
A: They are hidden for making nicer layout. You can reveal it by going to
– Windows: File tab menu > Options > Advanced > Display options for this workbook > Check Show sheet tabs.
– Mac: Excel menu > Preferences > View

Q: The file couldn’t work properly after being saved.
A: When you saved the file, uncheck the compatibility option at the bottom left of its window saving message. Leaving it checked will make Excel modify the formula incorrectly.

Q: Is there any money back guarantee?
A; We are very sure about the quality of our products. But, there are cases when our products are not met your requirement. There is a 30 days money back guarantee for all products. And some products are also have until 60 days money back guarantee.

Q: When we decide the product is not fit with our requirement, how can we ask for refund?
A: Just send us email, and we will process it within 48 hours.