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Invoice Creator Pro for ExcelAre you looking an excel template with excel formula that will help you managing your invoices? You should consider this Invoice Creator for Excel. Created with a simple-to-use consideration, you will find it will ease you managing your invoice tasks. It is created without excel VBA functions. You can easily bring this template in your laptop and move between laptops with different Excel version and Operating System without any difficulties. With 6 different invoice layouts, you can choose the most suitable invoice to be sent to your customers or you can apply different invoices to different customers and record it within one single database.

Several example of businesses which are suitable to use this invoice creators are :
Consultant Business
Consultant is a kind of business, either as a full or freelance job, where people provide professional advice on particular area, such as information technology, accountancy, finance, law, marketing, engineering, many other specialized fields. Services will be based on number of hours needed to work on advices. With this invoice creator, you will have options to charge your clients based on hours or projects.

Plumbing Business
Plumbing is the systems of pipes, drains, and any materials related with distribution of portable water for drinking, heating, etc. It is common for people to look for a plumber if they have problem with their house water distribution system. Once the problem is solved, plumber or company where they work will charge and give you invoice based on service and materials being used. If you are a plumber or company who manage those plumbers, you can use this invoice creator to charge your clients based on your services and used materials

Product Supplier
As a product supplier, a distributor, or an agent, you can create invoice based on products being sold and delivered. Any products should be fit with invoice creator.

With customizable and adjustable fields where you can set your own working and finance terms and words, you will find it very useful to support your business. You can download and try lite version of invoice creator below.

>> Excelindo Invoice Creator Lite

If you think this lite version is fit for you and want to expand it to cover until 1200 invoices, you can purchase a pro version.

Excelindo Invoice Creator Pro
Single User License – Unlocked on Shown Worksheets

US$ 14.99 | Buy Now | Add to Cart

> 6 Different Type of Invoices
There are 6 different type of invoices you can choose based on your deal with your customers. Those are :
– Project Only Invoice
– Project and Material Invoice
– Project and Completion Invoice
– Labor Only Invoice
– Labor and Material Invoice
– Material Only Invoice

> Set Your Own Invoice Fields
You can put your own name to generated invoice fields

> Show/Hide Invoice Fields
This feature will allow you to show important invoice fields and hide unnecessary invoice fields

> Monthly Summary
There are three summary worksheets where you can read summary of your issued invoices monthly as well as summary of account receivables.

View of Excelindo Invoice Creator Pro template – Setup Worksheet

Invoice Creator - Setup View

View of Excelindo┬áInvoice Creator Pro template – Create Invoice Worksheet

Invoice Creator - Create Invoice View

View of Excelindo┬áInvoice Creator Pro template – Print Invoice Worksheet

Invoice Creator - Print Invoice View

View of Excelindo┬áInvoice Creator Pro template – Summary Worksheet

Invoice Creator - Summary

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows/Apple environment.

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