Room Booking Calendar for Excel

This room booking calendar is an excel spreadsheet that should help you managing your room reservation for one year period in calendar visualization.  It is simple and you can use it across different Excel version and Operating System where you can manage it in any laptops without incompatibility issues.

Room Booking Calendar

It uses Excel where you can transfer, process and analyze inputted data easily using other Microsoft Office programs, like Word and PowerPoint. Or, you can create your own chart within or in another Excel program. It is equipped with formulas and functions that automate availability calculation, calendar date placement and booking calendar visualization in seconds. It erases your manual tasks which sometimes could confuse you. This spreadsheet should suite any room rental business, like hotel, apartment, villa, and many others who rent their rooms on daily bases.


In this room booking calendar you will find useful features as summarized below.

1. Calendar style booking availability

Booking Room Calendar Spreadsheet Excel

You can quickly see dates with your room availability status in one full year with respective color markers.

> Availability color markers

You can set until 3 different remaining rooms as color markers in the Availability Calendar. As you can see in picture above, there are four different color markers that can be set based on availability numbers that you put in respective cells, where red color cannot be altered. It has zero value by default. You may set remaining colors where orange box must has less number than yellow box, and yellow box must have less number than light green box.

> Availability and rates quick info table

Table helper in Availability Calendar worksheet to see room availability and rates at respective dates. You can see this table on the right side of the picture above. You can set the start date and you can toggle between “Show Availability” and “Show Rates” to see detail information on respective week.

2. 30 room categories and 100 room numbers

Room Booking Calendar - Room Setup

You can define until up to 30 categories for all of your rooms and up to 100 room numbers.

3. One full year booking board

Room Booking Calendar - Booking Board

You can see map of your room availability in board alike visualization.

4. 30 different price groups

Room Booking Calendar - Set Price

You can have until 30 price groups that you can set, select and distribute over 365 days.

5. Double booking marker

Room Booking Calendar - Double Booking Marker

All remaining rooms at respective dates will be calculated automatically by created excel formulas. And any double bookings will be marked in Booking Board worksheet where you can spot it quickly to fix its respective double bookings.

6. Custom summary

Room Booking Calendar - Custom Summary

You can see summary of all your guests based on their booking status

7. Booking dashboard

Room Booking Calendar - Dashboard

You can analyze your hotel occupancy ratio and generated revenue monthly in Chart visualization. You can analyze performance of your booking agents.

8. 6000 booking lines

Room Booking Calendar - 6000 Booking LInes

You can book guests until 6000 entries. You can expand it to accommodate more guests if you need more lines.

9. All worksheets are unprotected to fully tweaking the formula and customizing its layout

You can put your company logo, name, adjust columns and rows, add more worksheets for your specific needs, or tweak formulas (you need to have excel knowledge to do this).

10. Compatibility across Excel version and Operating System

You can use this spreadsheet with Excel 2010 for Windows and above and Excel 2008 for Mac and above without having incompatibility issues.

11. Multi User License (within one Company)

Any employees are allowed to use this spreadsheet as long as they are working within one company.

12. One time payment only

You can use it every year without additional cost.


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel 2008 and above for Mac

Demo Version

There is a demo version of this room booking calendar spreadsheet where you can test some of available features and see how it works. It is not the lite version. It is not recommended to use this demo version as your operational booking spreadsheet.

>> Download Room Booking Calendar – Demo Version

Custom Development

You may need additional features that are not available in this spreadsheet. We can customize this spreadsheet based on your requests. Email us for further discussion. Our rate is USD 25 per hour.



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