Hotel Reservation Calendar for Excel

IDaily and Hourly Reservation Calendarf you are managing a small hotel with less than 100 rooms and looking for an excel template where you can manage your hotel reservation easily, you can use this Hotel Reservation Calendar for excel. It is not just a simple template. It is equipped with automatic excel formula that will help you checking room availability and typing guest information without any difficulties. You can also use this template for other businesses that have some similarities with hotel business, for example, apartment rental business. Other businesses that are based on daily reservation should also fit with this template, for example car rental business. And if you have some knowledge in excel, you can personalize it to meet your own business requirement.  And you can add some worksheets to create your own reports related with your guests and reservation. It is created without macro, so you can switch this spreadsheet among different Excel version and Computer Operating System.

>> Excelindo Hotel Reservation Calendar Lite

There is also another reservation template which is based on hour that you can read and download it here.

If you have tried the lite version and want to expand your room to accommodate until 100 rooms and record your booking until 12,000 guests, you can purchase the Pro version below. If you need both daily and hourly reservation template, you can purchase these 2 templates together for a better price compared with buying it separately.

Excelindo Daily (Hotel) Reservation Calendar Pro
Single User License – Fully Unlocked

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Excelindo Daily (Hotel) Reservation Calendar and Hourly (Car Rental) Reservation Calendar Pro
Single User License – Fully Unlocked

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Ξ Peak and Low Season Period Marking Dates

This feature will help you inform your room price at particular dates to your guests

Ξ Availability Custom Color

There are 4 different colors you can set to differentiate the availability of your rooms at particular dates.
– Red > Fully booked (0 rooms)
– Yellow > 1 – any numbers that you specified
– Light Green > 2 – any numbers that you specified
– Green > Available (rooms above number that you specified for light green)

Ξ Room Availability Summary on Top of Booking Panel Table

Booking worksheet will become your main worksheet every time new guests make a reservation. See room availability on top of guest booking table will help you prepare your reservation and remind you if there is misstyped that will cause a double booking.

Ξ Colorful Linear Style Calendar

Equipped with colorful dates based on any conditions defined in setup worksheet, this calendar should help you see your hotel room availability easily.

Ξ Guest Name Marker on Availability Calendar

You can easily which guest are staying in which room

Ξ Guest Checkin Summary

You can see monthly based guest checkin summary for you to print at put on your receptionist desk. You can print it weekly also, but you need to set it from print setup menu.

View of Excelindo Hotel Reservation Calendar Pro template – Setup Worksheet

Daily Room Reservation - Setup View

View of Excelindo Hotel Reservation Calendar Pro template – Booking Worksheet

Daily Room Reservation - Booking View

View of Excelindo Hotel Reservation Calendar Pro template – Room Availability Worksheet

Daily Room Reservation - Availability Calendar View

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows/Apple environment.

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