Car Rental Reservation Calendar for Excel

Daily and Hourly Reservation CalendarCar rental is a common business that people that own a car can rent it for some period of time and getting paid based on rental period. If you have only one or two cars, it will be easy to manage, especially if you rent it daily. What about if you have more than 2 cars, and your customers want to rent it based on hour instead of day? And what about if there are many requests come to you asking about renting your car for specific dates and days? You need to write, check and record it either in your smartphone or your laptop using Microsoft Excel to make sure the car is available at requested time.

This car rental reservation calendar will help you recording your car rental customer information, specifically recording their booking information. It will be helpful if you manage less than 100 cars and you rent it on timely bases. You can set flexible time interval to monitor your car availability and you can easily check whether your car is available at requested time from booking panel worksheet.

This spreadsheet will also work for other type of rental business as long as it is based on hour. For example, music studio, party equipment, meeting room, wedding hall, and many others. You can personalize it easily to meet your own business requirement.  And you can add some worksheets to create your own reports related with your customer and reservation. It is created without macro that will make you can use it in different Excel version and Computer Operating System.

>> Excelindo Car Rental Reservation Calendar Lite

There is also another reservation template which is based on day that you can read and download it here.

If you have tried the lite version and want to expand your car to accommodate until 100 cars and record your booking until 12,000 customers, you can purchase the Pro version below. If you need both daily and hourly reservation template, you can purchase these 2 templates together for a better price compared with buying it separately. All spreadsheets can be unprotected without password and you can also modify it to accommodate your rental business other than hotel and car rental.

Excelindo Hourly (Car Rental) Reservation Calendar Pro
Single User License – Fully Unlocked

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Excelindo Daily (Hotel) Reservation Calendar and Hourly (Car Rental) Reservation Calendar Pro

Single User License – Fully Unlocked

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Ξ Peak and Low Season Marking Dates

This feature will help you inform your car rental price at particular dates to your customers

Ξ Availability Custom Color

There are 4 different colors you can set to differentiate the availability of your cars at particular dates.
– Red – Fully booked (0 cars)
– Yellow – 1 – any numbers that you specified
– Light Green – 2 – any numbers that you specified
– Green – Available (cars above number that you specified for light green color)

Ξ Car Availability Summary on Top of Booking Panel Table

Booking worksheet will become your main worksheet every time new customers plan to rent your car and make a reservation. See car availability on top of customer booking table will help you prepare your reservation and remind you if you mistype the dates which will cause a double booking on same date with the same car.

Ξ Colorful Linear Style Calendar

Dates and hour are arranged horizontally and there is conditional formatting applied to those dates and hours to ease you seeing car availability on respective dates

Ξ Customer Name Marker on Availability Calendar

You can see which customer who is booking your car as well as their booking period

Ξ Customer Booking Summary

You can see a summary of your car rental customer on monthly based.

View of Excelindo Car Rental Reservation Manager Pro template – Setup Worksheet

car rental hourly reservation setup view

View of Excelindo Car Rental Reservation Manager Pro template – Booking Worksheet

car rental hourly reservation - booking view

View of Excelindo Car Rental Reservation Manager Pro template – Car Availability Worksheet

car rental hourly reservation - availability

This software requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows/Apple environment.

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