About Us

Excelindo.com is a privately held software company focusing in Microsoft Excel templates and spreadsheets dedicated to helping our customers, small businesses, corporates, developers, etc.

Microsoft Excel has ease many people tasks, but some people needs more support to help them finishing their tasks efficient and effectively. We are always striving to produce templates and spreadsheets that are highly reliability, rich in functionality, and affordable.

Our team who create excel templates are people who has 10 – 15 years experiences in many area of industries. All templates are created based on operational and practical experiences during those years.

Hundreds of templates and spreadsheets has been created and distributed for free since 2007. You can download and use them to value our creation before buying commercial ones. Some samples:

Euro Cup TemplatePersonal Budgetcredit card payoff2016 Calendar with Custom Notes

If you need to see more samples, you can visit exceltemplate.net. This is our showcase site to publish our free excel templates and spreadsheets.